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My son has been with Skillz4Life since September 2017. The quality of coaching is exceptional. I have been amazed at how quickly my son’s confidence and skill has grown in last few months. Michal and his team do a fantastic job with the children. They have endless patience. My son really enjoy the holiday’s club and always look forward to going each day.

Shammi, Parent 

I have worked with Michal for over four years, supporting, working alongside and delivering engaging and interactive P.E lessons. Michal always brings his enthusiasm and passion for this subject to every lesson. While working in partnership with Michal, I have learnt how to plan and delivery creative and effective P.E lessons that supports the abilities of children in my classroom and have also been given ways to challenge those that need the extension. Michal's lessons are always of a highly professional standard and the children in my class have established a great relationship with him and are always excited to be taught by him. I have learnt an invaluable amount on how to delivery engaging and successful P.E lessons. Thanks to Michal's guidance and mentoring, my children are always excited for my P.E lessons!

Mariam, Teacher 

One of the best coaching team around. Michal and his team are supportive, encouraging and positive towards all. My son joins all clubs and holiday camps and always looks forward to the range of activities the team plans for.

Kiran, Parent 

Highly recommended. It's been a life saver during holidays when it's difficult to keep kids active and occupied. I've been sending my daughter for two years now. Coach Michal is very friendly, helpful and supportive. looking forward for summer holidays.

Sapna, Parent 

This camp is by far the best in the area. Michal and the team are very polite and make all the kids feel welcome. When our daughter comes back from sports camp she cannot stop talking about what she did!
Would highly recommend this sports camp- not to keep the kids occupied for a few hours, but also for the coaches who put lots of time and effort into what they do!


Paul, Parent 

A great sports holiday camp in a great environment. and so convenient to get to especially on my way to work everyday. The coaches get to know the kids by name very quickly and kids are literally learning sports skills for life. And it's so easy to book a place, even last minute. thank you.

Anita, Parent 

Amazing coaching team with great professional skills. All of the coaches are extremely friendly and supportive.
I highly recommend them to everyone as they have a wide range of sports that keep children active and entertained.

Lana, Parent 

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